Policies & Procedures 

Professional, customisable policies and procedures to improve your daily management processes and reduce risk.

A flexible policies and procedures solution.

Hospital administration and operations are incredibly complex, with large healthcare organisations having to meet many compliance, accreditation and regulatory requirements, together with managing daily systems and patient care.  

That’s why robust policies and procedures are essential to running a safe, efficient healthcare organisation.   

Standardised policies and procedures bring consistency and reliability to administrative processes, leading to improved staff performance, better patient outcomes, and reduced medico-legal risk. 

Overall benefits

Written by experts in risk, quality management, business operations and clinical governance, the templates cover a wide range of healthcare policies and procedures and are compliant with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. 

Access a range of even more relevant policies and procedures. Templates include ophthalmology, plastics and cosmetics, psychiatry and psychology, day surgery, diagnostic imaging, dental and physiotherapy. 

Automatic notifications of key policy changes keep your practice current and compliant in an ever-changing healthcare environment, helping to reduce your medico-legal risk.

Save time and money by customising our suite of 100+ templates that cover topics such as human resources, infection control, work health and safety, patient health records, cold chain management, risk management and staff education and training.

We can set up and update your policies and procedures for your organisation, saving you time and effort.

Key insights

A comprehensive range of policies and procedures developed by Avant’s experts in risk, quality management and clinical governance
Simplify and streamline your healthcare operations with regularly updated policies keeping you current and compliant
Centralised documents encourage a consistent, transparent work culture
100+ customisable policies and procedures

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COVID-19 vaccination management

The policy includes the strategy for immunisation administration and monitoring. All vaccines must be administered in accordance with the relevant legislation, best practices, and the guidelines and recommendations in the Australian Immunisation Handbook.