Simplify your healthcare administration through innovative online applications.

Today, our technology and services are used across a range of providers including:

meXus, and our partners, offer best-practice healthcare administration, through innovative online applications and automated credentialing solutions, giving your organisation and its practitioners more time to deliver high-quality patient care.
These solutions provide features and functions you can customise to your organisation’s needs, from hospitals to large and multi-site healthcare practices.

Leveraging trusted  solutions

Secure automated administration in an integrated cloud computing platform

meXus can incorporate licenced Cgov cloud-based software solutions for workflow automation, including:

  • Medical Workforce Management
  • Quality Management Systems/Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Junior Medical Officer Management
  • Prevocational Medical Training Accreditation
  • Staff Medical Records (including vaccinations and blood exposures).

Streamline your daily business operations with 

For non-hospital employed doctors running a large healthcare practice, balancing business administration with patient care can create complexities.

Manual systems and processes may be prone to human error, which can expose your business to medico-legal risk. PracticeHub is an online healthcare administration platform developed in collaboration with respected industry partners.The platform includes essential tools and resources to help you reduce the complexities, risks and costs involved in managing a large healthcare organisation.

By making practice management simpler, safer and more efficient, you can spend more time focussing on providing excellent patient care.